Terra Dynamics products contain natural organic acids that make it more suitable for plants compared to other chemical fertilizers. The products supply energy to the plants that in turn leads to a stronger, bigger plant with better flowering and higher fruit and or seed production. In addition, the said products increase the plant’s natural defence against harmful insects, micro-organisms and pathogens. The micronutrient Zn(II) is essential to bacteria despite the fact that it can be highly toxic at excessive levels. Zn(II) can be used by the plants immune system by supporting phytoalexin production causing a better protection against contagious diseases. Organic acids improve soil quality by promoting root growth- ultimately causing a better root system and an increase in nutrient uptake.

Unwanted insects, pathogens and micro organisms can be prevented by changing the pH and chemical environment around the leaf surface and root system. The organic products are not toxic to the plant and causes a non-withholding period.