Ever since the beginning of life, organic acids have occurred naturally in the environment, Fulvic acids and Humic acids are parts of these organic acids and have grown tremendously as a fertilizer application in the last few decades.

The difference between Fulvic acids and Humic acids is in their structure, Humic acids are large molecular mass carboxylic acids. Fulvic acids are complex mixtures of small molecular mass carboxylic acids and is soluble in water at all pH levels. In soils with high pH levels, the Fulvic acids can be of better use as a low pH product, to lower the pH levels.

So why Terra Ful?

Terra Ful is a product with a minimum of 25% Fulvic acid that has a low pH level.  These Fulvic acids are extracted from a natural source, which makes it one of the best products in the world. Terra Ful has an acidifying effect on soils and water.

Applying Terra Ful with irrigation water with a high pH level, will lower the pH level and the water will be more appropriate for better irrigation properties.

Terra Ful is extremely effective as a carrier for micro elements. In soils with a high pH level, Terra Ful can be used to increase the availability of copper, iron, manganese and zinc. Terra Ful acts a carrier of nutrients and increase the availability of the nutrients to the roots of plants in soil.

The application of Terra Ful will increase the availability of most of the nutrients to ensure better vegetative growth as well as reproductive growth.

Terra Ful can successfully be combined with many other fertilizers. Terra Ful in combination with any other fertilizer can be applied as a soil application, or as a foliar application at any stage of the plant’s growth cycle. By lowering the pH levels, Terra Ful will increase the availability of nutrients, and this will increase yield and improve quality of fruits and thus more profit for the farmer.

Terra Ful can also be used with any chemical application as a soil or a foliar application, mixing Terra Ful with pesticides and herbicides at a half percent solution, will improve the efficiency of the uptake of the chemicals.

Terra Ful also stimulates the production of phytoalexins, which is the plant’s antibiotics that respond to environmental stresses like fungi/bacteria/insects. By increasing the phytoalexins the plant can defend itself against fungi-, bacterial infections, and predation by insects.

Terra Ful will also stimulate the growth of beneficial micro organisms in any type of soil, especially when organic compost is also used.

By conclusion Terra Ful will increase overall health of the plant and increase yield!