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Fertilizer programmes that increase plant production and crop yields

Our fertilizer programmes follow three important aspects namely, balancing the nutrition in the soil, improving the soil and strengthening the plants.

Amino Stim consists of fulvic acids and amino acids and exist as an acidic solution. Amino Stim acts as a soil conditioner and makes nutrients more available to the plants and to micro organisms.


Amino Stim is used as a soil application, through fertigation, and act as a soil conditioner in the following situations:

Rootgrowth and development

Amino Stim stimulate root growth and development in plants, in both sandy and clay soils. Therefore increasing plant uptake and promoting amino acid protein synthesis.

Soil compaction

Amino Stim is used, after heavy rainfall or in areas with soil crusting and compaction, to lift soil compaction and increase water and air penetration in the grounds.

Alkaline soils

Amino Stim is used in alkaline soils, where pH levels are high, to acidify the soil, which improves uptake of the nutrients by the plant. Most of the elements bind to soil particles at high pH levels.

Excess sodium

Excess sodium levels can cause salt burn, with the use of Amino Stim these sodium can be removed from the soil profile. This is done by lifting soil compaction and leaching out the sodium.

Micro organisms

Micro organisms are stimulated with Amino Stim usage, as it provides nutrition to micro organisms.



*Any application must be verified with a certified Terra Dynamics expert.

  • Annual crops: 40 – 200 liters/ha depending on soil and crop type.
  • Vegetables: 50 litres/ha at planting and 10 litres/ha weekly.
  • Perennial crops: 0.2 – 1.0 litres/plant depending on crop, age and soil type.

*Amino Stim can be applied with certain fertilizer.

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This product is registered under Act 36 of 1947 by Reg. No. B 3203