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Fertilizer programmes that increase plant production and crop yields

Our fertilizer programmes follow three important aspects namely, balancing the nutrition in the soil, improving the soil and strengthening the plants.

Ultra Guard is totally water soluble, organic product of potassium phosphites for the control of Phytophthora sp., Phytium sp. and downy mildew.


Ultra Guard are used as a soil application (through irrigation system) for any crop and at any time of the growth cycle of Phytophthora sp., Phytium sp. pathogens, e.g. Macadamia nuts, citrus, avocados and pecan nuts trees, as well as downy mildew, e.g. grapes and vegetables.

Soil Application

*Any application must be verified with a certified Terra Dynamics expert.

General soil application in badly infected trees, as well as where root rot appears a single dosage of 200ml per tree of Ultra Guard, followed by a monthly application of 50ml per tree. A soil application of 50 ml per tree in March and October can be applied in lightly infected nut trees.

Infected citrus trees can use a general soil application of 15 litres per hectare approximately twice a year.