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Fertilizer programmes that increase plant production and crop yields

Our fertilizer programmes follow three important aspects namely, balancing the nutrition in the soil, improving the soil and strengthening the plants.

Terra Cal Ac consists of an organic form of calcium and acetate in solution and contains no inorganic ions. The organic calcium provide the roots and leaves a highly available calcium for uptake. The acetate translocate the calcium to the fruit, which enhance fruit quality and prevent creasing in citrus.


Terra Cal Ac is used as a soil or foliar application in the following:

Calcium deficiencies

Terra Cal Ac is used on all crop types where there is a calcium deficiency, in soils or plants. The calcium provided to the plants is highly available for uptake by the roots and leaves. These calcium translocate to the fruit.

Fruit quality

Fruit quality improves with the use of Terra Cal Ac. The acecate translocate the calcium to the fruit when applied as soil applicant and when applied as foliar application, the fruit also takes up the calcium itself. Thus creasing in citrus is prevented.

Soil types

Terra Cal Ac is used in all soil types where calcium deficiencies occur. When calcium improves in the soil the root growth and development of the plants also improves.

Amino Stim

Amino Stim and Terra Cal Ac can be applied together where soil crusting and compaction occurs, especially as a result of excess magnesium. By lifting the soil compaction, water and air/oxygen penetration improves, especially where crops are already established in the soil.



*Any application must be verified with a certified Terra Dynamics expert.

Soil Application
  • 10 – 100 litres/ha through drippers/micros depending on soil and crop type.
Foliar Application
  • 8 – 16 litres/ha/week or monthly from fruit set, with a dilution of 800liters water, depending on soil and crop type.

* Terra Cal Ac can only be applied with Terra K Ac and Terra Zn Ac.

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This product is registered under Act 36 of 1947 by Reg. No. B 3315